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As we approach the light at the end of the tunnel, the impact of COVID-19 may have you contemplating a career shift in what experts have labeled as .

As an individual who shifted careers just a few months before the pandemic, I wanted to share some advice and perspective on the ever-changing world of work for anyone contemplating #TheBigShift.

Changing careers is no small feat, but you can start building the life you want with a bit of confidence, determination, and patience.

Although the pandemic has had a negative impact, it gave those considering change the much-needed…

Are you a busy professional or parent who just can’t seem to find the time to workout? Or are you frightened by the idea of setting foot in a gym?

If you answered yes, do not worry. Whether you are taking the first step towards a lifestyle change or just trying to get back in shape, here are my to get you started without leaving the comfort of your own home.

Now before I share my five home fitness essentials with you, let me clarify that I am not a personal trainer, strength coach, or nutritionist…

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Years ago, I started a blog with a vision of it one day becoming a digital magazine and online portfolio. After years of brainstorming and indecisiveness, I can say with confidence that my website is finally starting to take shape.

There’s so much content that I want to share, but when I look at all the drafts I have waiting to be developed, I can’t help but be a little overwhelmed, yet excited at the same time. Not sure exactly how many I have, but if you ask me, there’s one too many for my liking. I guess its good that I kept a record for all my ideas.

Parenting and working full-time became my main excuses for self-sabotaging and not coming up with an efficient game plan that would have kept me creating.

Luckily, I’ve taken the necessary steps…

When I first started producing audio and video content, I didn’t have a ton of equipment. So like most, I started recording on my mobile device. I was really excited about starting my podcast, and after pricing a few mics, I quickly realized that the voice recorder on my phone was enough to get me by.

However, I knew I needed to buy a professional-grade microphone if I wanted to improve the overall sound quality of my recordings. After researching several types, I decided to go with the Sudotack ST-800 USB Condenser Microphone. …

If your creative process often takes place late at night, you may find yourself in need of a versatile desk lamp. I’m pretty practical when it comes to purchasing electronics, appliances, tech gadgets, etc., so I definitely wasn’t trying to break the bank on some fancy desk lamp.

“I personally use the TaoTronics TT-DL13 LED Desk Lamp and I promise you it’ll be the last desk lamp you’ll ever buy! The sleek and compact design makes this LED light perfect for small workspaces.”

I’m a minimalist (at heart) that’s obsessed with different desk setups so I wanted to make sure…

I have always been a fan of the minimalist approach featured on Apple devices. However, the functionality and features just don’t compare (in my opinion) to the many calendar apps available for Android.

Over time I’ve downloaded and sampled many calendar apps; and trust me, there’s a lot out there. But for whatever reason, I always seem to come back to these minimal, sleek, clean, and colorful apps. Here they are in no particular order.

Today Calendar

Instead, Curry took a chance with Under Armor and hit the jackpot. Curry’s run in the 2008 NCAA Tournament was one for the record books, but we’ve seen this story time and time again. I’ll admit, Curry was lights out during the tournament and he definitely had his “one shining moment”, but if you told me a little scrawny kid from Davidson would turn out to be a six-time NBA All-Star, a two-time NBA Most Valuable Player (MVP) and a three-time NBA Champion, I’d look at you like you were crazy.

Nike literally dropped the ball on this one. From…

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Originally I was going to post a Zombie Apocalypse Survival Guide, but then I realized that post would take way too long for me to write. Maybe I’ll make that a topic for a podcast one day, but for now, let's just keep things simple.

Clearly I have been watching way too many movies and TV shows that revolve around the notion of a zombie apocalypse but you have to admit, with all these shows and movies giving us the blueprint on survival, in my opinion, it almost seems blasphemous not to be ready, ya know, just in case.


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An inside look on and the video that confirms he should.

It really doesn’t feel like it has been that long, and believe it or not, there are still times when I feel like I just got here. I recently made my way back to New Jersey, and I got the chance to spend a few days around my old stomping grounds and even spent some time in New York City.

After four days in my home state and a quick trip to NYC, it reminded me of all the places I neglected to explore back when I was living there. I went from living in one of the smallest states…

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